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★☆重要通告:★☆ ★☆学校防疫指南:不该做的事 School Epidemic Prevention ★☆

★☆1.不随意丢弃用过的口罩。 2.禁止与朋友共用文具。 3.生病的你禁止到学校。 4.禁止群集。 5.自备食物与餐具,不分享、不共享。 6.不近距离交谈;保持1米的安全距离。 7.见面时,不握手、不拥抱。 8.不摸眼、鼻、口。 9.不随意离开自己的位子。 ★☆

2019年家长日 Dialog Kemenjadian Kualiti Murid

Date: 28 June 2019
Time: 10.40am till 1.00pm

Students still have to come to school as usual.

Parents for year 1 to 3 are encouraged to come at 9.30am as the school will give a small talk to explain about PBD (Pentaksiran Bilik Darjah).

Thank you.

URGENT! Application AY2020 School-Based Scholarships Hwa Chong Institution/ NanYang Girl's High School 新加坡中华总商会华侨中学和南洋女中联合奖学金选考试



Dear parents:

Please get the application forms from class teachers within these two days (18-19/6/2019) if you have the interest to let your kids apply for the scholarship.

Thank you.