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★☆重要通告:★☆ ★☆学校防疫指南:不该做的事 School Epidemic Prevention ★☆

★☆1.不随意丢弃用过的口罩。 2.禁止与朋友共用文具。 3.生病的你禁止到学校。 4.禁止群集。 5.自备食物与餐具,不分享、不共享。 6.不近距离交谈;保持1米的安全距离。 7.见面时,不握手、不拥抱。 8.不摸眼、鼻、口。 9.不随意离开自己的位子。 ★☆

Changes of transportation route

Emergency Notice for

Changes of transportation route

Due to the Auto gate faulty mechanism near the school guardhouse, parents have to resume to   previous route by driving through the basement teachers' carpark and drop your kids at the stops beside the sch field or drop them at the open car park outside the school compound.

Any inconvenience is very much regrettable. Usual route will resume until further notice.

Your attention and cooperation is highly appreciated.

 Thank you